Studying in Germany

Some reasons for studying in Germany:

  • At the beginning of the courses, German colleges/universities offer intensive supervision to foreign students. This service makes the starting at easier and supports you in dealing with all the problems of daily life in Germany.
    Detailed information can be obtained from the German Academic Exchange Service ‘Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)’ at
  • Studieren in DeutschlandGerman universities and colleges offer a huge range of courses in all fields. With few exceptions, you can study almost everything in Germany, whether engineering, education, mathematics, humanism, natural science, fine arts, medicine or art. Study in the field you prefer.
  • German universities/colleges research at the top level and value basic research highly. Close collaboration between research and education means that the knowledge gained from research directly benefits the students. In their work the students often directly participate in research, this being just one of the reasons for the excellent training at German universities/colleges.
  • Germany’s exports are very dependent on intensive collaboration between research and industry, particularly when regarding technology. The development of new technologies - up to marketability - often occurs in collaboration between industrial and university research centres. This means that students benefit from acquiring an insight into this process and can even gain some experience in the industry by means of internships or research tasks.
  • Research and education in Germany are part of the international university network and are in close contact with international universities around the world. International research and education is freely combined with interdisciplinary commitment in accordance with the motto: "Let us bring together the best ideas and the best minds!"

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